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Milk Testing 305 Day Fees

Milk Testing 305 Day Fees

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MDGA does NOT supply milk testing lab or testing supplies

Owner(s) is responsible for all Lab fees

1-Day Milk Test

For one day milk testing, must add doe fee  per doe on test as well ->

1-Day Several Owners


One-day Doe Fee $3 per doe

<- in addition to 1-day milk test fee

Have questions?

Email out Milk Test Committee:

Next Steps...
If you are interested in your animals participating in a 305-day milk test and you are new to MDGA 305 Day type testing you may sign up any time during the year.

If you are renewing you must sign your herd up with MDGA by January 30th of each year.
Please note that all rules still apply.

Keep in mind your does should be tested within the first 90 days of freshening.

1-Day type milk testing must be applied for at least 2  weeks in advance of date you plan to test.