MDGA’s Herdbook


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  1. Fill out the registration application completely.
  2. Kids will carry the herdname of the owner of the doe at time of breeding, and the tattoo of the owner of the property they were born on.
  3. The completed application must be accompanied by the required photographs. The first should be of the head, showing breed characteristics, and the second should be a complete side view. (Profile shots of the face are required for the Mini Nubian, third generation and higher.)
  4. All applications for registration of animals from a sire and/or dam that is/are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, American Goat Society, Nigerian Dwarf Goat Asscoiation, The Miniature Dairy Goat Registry, International Dairy Goat Registry, or the Canadian Goat Society MUST be accompanied by legible copies of the parent’s registration certificates. TMGR & IDGR registered parents must include a pedigree that goes back to MDGA, AGS or ADGA or NDGA registered goats, or back 6 generations.
  5. If the sire of the animal being registered is not owned by the person making application, a signed service memo from the owner of the sire must be included with the application. If the animal being registered is the result of the use of frozen semen, a signed Artificial Insemination Service Memo must be submitted instead of a live service memo.
  6. When determining the generation of the animal being registered, use these guidelines:♦ A standard dairy goat bred to a registered purebred Nigerian Dwarf results in a first-generation (F1) miniature.♦ The cross of an F1 to another F1 results in a second-generation (F2) miniature.
  7. No unregistered or grade Nigerian Dwarves can be used in the Mini breeding program.
  8. When two animals of different generations are bred, the resulting offspring is classified as one generation higher than the lowest generation parent is. For example, the offspring of an F3 bred to an F1 would be an F2, and the offspring of a miniature of any generation bred back to a purebred standard (considered zero generation) or a Nigerian Dwarf (considered zero generation) would be an F1.


Registering an Experimental, American, Purebred or Grade status goat?


Need to register a goat in MDGA's GRADE Herdbook?
Does your goat qualify as grade?

MDGA Experimental

Need to register a Mini as Experimental?
Aka F1 or F2

MDGA American

Need to register a Mini as American?
Aka F3, F4 or F5


MDGA Purebred

Need to register a Mini as Purebred?
Aka F6+ if they conform to Breed Standards

MDGA Transfers

Need to Transfer an MDGA Registered goat into your name?

MDGA does NOT register Grade Nigerians or offspring of Grade Nigerians.

Other Services that may interest you...

Registry to Registry

Need to tranfer a goat from another registry to MDGA?

the animal must conform to the rules for registering goats in MDGA and will be placed in the herdbook with which its pedigree conforms.

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