Show Officials’ Responsibilities


  1. The show chairman and secretary must have a copy of all show rules available for review for the duration of the show.
  2. The show chairman and secretary are responsible for ensuring that MDGA show rules and regulations are carried out.
  3. The show chairman or secretary must check the official registration certificate of each animal to verify that each animal’s registration number and name match the information listed on the entry form. Before the show, the show chairman or secretary should also ensure that each animal is entered in the correct age class and breed division.
  4. The show chairman and secretary are responsible for filling out all Report of Awards forms and ensuring that the forms are correct, legible, and have all required signatures. All forms are to be mailed to the MDGA mailing address within ten days of the show.
  5. Show officials should ensure that no entries are presented before a judge in which the judge has ownership, partial ownership, financial interest, or which are owned by a member of the judge’s immediate family.
  6. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for the conduct and actions of the Show Committee.
  7. When a show is dually sanctioned, there must be at least one MDGA member sitting as show secretary. Show officials must ensure that MDGA rules govern and that all regulations are followed.
  8. Pre-show milk-outs will be determined by the Show Committee; this information will be posted as part of the show rules.  The Show Committee will be responsible for enforcing these guidelines.
  9. Complaints concerning show rules, management, and questionable Report of Awards must be made in writing within seven days of the show. Copies must be sent to both the MDGA Office and the MDGA Show Chairperson. The complaint will be taken before the MDGA Committee of Advisors for resolution.



Ring Steward

Report to your ring at least 30 minutes before show time on show day.

The Ring Secretary will provide the Ring Steward Class Folders/Lists, which were used to check in goats for their class and will be used for recording class placements. By the end of the show, Ring Steward Class Folders will be returned to the Ring Secretary.

Ring Steward will need to announce the first class of the day and get everyone in that class checked in and ready to enter the ring at show time.

Check entrants in as they gather ringside to enter the class. If you have questions, ask your Ring Secretary.

The Ring Steward is responsible for assisting the judge with any of their needs during or in between classes, i.e: Answering questions about classes or entrants, announcing a break if the judge needs one, etc. If the judge asks a question, and you don’t know how to answer, consult with your Ring Secretary. Make the judge feel comfortable and welcome.

When the judge has placed the ring and is giving oral reasons, write the placings on your Ring Steward Class Folder/List. You are permitted to be in the ring walking behind exhibitors and may unobtrusively ask the exhibitors who have placed: their name and goat’s name. Verify the information you are given matches the official form, then take the form to the Ring Secretary so they can record the placings.

When the current class is entering the ring, give the next class a “5 Minutes to (class name) line-up!” announcement.

5 minutes after the first announcement, announce: “(Class name) exhibitors need to be lined up and ready to show!”  Verify everyone is there and ready to enter the ring. If someone is late, call out their name and tell them they need to be ringside “NOW!” Emphasize, “NOW!”

If an exhibitor still hasn’t checked in when the judge and ring secretary are finished with all the forms, send the next class in without them to keep the class and show flowing smoothly. Do not hold up the class until they arrive.

Some entrants may be in the ring when you call the next class. Their goats should be ringside so they can walk out of one class, switch goats, and walk back in. If the entrant knows he/she will be in another ring during the time of their class, they should arrange for someone else to show their goat.

Time is needed at the end of each class for winners to have their herdbook information checked, goats measured, and forms filled out and signed by Judge, Ring Secretary, and Winner. Do NOT hurry this. Incorrect or incomplete forms can cause the loss of a leg or award for the winning goat.

All volunteers will be furnished Lunch, snacks, and beverages on show day.

It is preferred that Ring Stewards not show their own goats in their ring.  Exceptions can be made for very small shows.


Ring Secretary

If you have any questions, ask your show chair.  The ROA (Report of Awards) Explanation and Key document can help you as you complete the ROAs.

Ring Secretary or other Show Committee member will check in entrants during the Show Check In Dates and Times.

Report to your ring at least 30 minutes before show time on show day to meet your Judge and Ring Steward, and get your table set up for the first class.

Give your Ring Steward the Ring Steward Class Folder/List for the 1st class, so they can begin getting entrants ringside. Ring Stewards should have access to the Class Folders/Lists for subsequent classes.

Ring Secretary is responsible for completely and accurately filling out the ROA and making sure they’re signed by the Judge, Exhibitor, and Yourself (Secretary). If the forms are completed incorrectly, the goat earning the placement may not receive the leg or award earned. Do NOT Rush. Accuracy is of utmost importance.

While the Judge is judging the class, get the ribbons/prizes ready for the class winners. Give them to the exhibitor AFTER the registry form is completed.  Some shows might have “Ribbon Runners” to help with this.

Assist Judge as needed. Make sure there are snacks and beverages available. If more snacks or drinks are needed, let the Show Chairperson know.

All volunteers will be furnished Lunch, snacks, and beverages during show day.

It is preferred that Ring Secretaries not show their own goats in their ring.  Exceptions can be made for very small shows.