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MDGA's spring virtual show deadline is May 31st, 2021! See our Virtual show pages for more information

Due to Live shows being closed because of the Covid-19
MDGA is offering 3 Virtual shows for 2020!

Deadline for entries are as follows:

  • Spring show - May 30th
  • Summer show - July 30th
  • Fall show - Sept 30th

Remember entries must be with pictures taken after the previous
V-show deadline to qualify.

After over 8 years acting as Registrar, I am stepping down from that position as of Jan 1, 2020 for the Mini Nubian, Mini Saanen, Mini Sable & Mini Toggenburg breeders, and taking on a new role. After starting in 2011 as the only Registrar for MDGA, for all the mini breeds, then dividing them up with Andrea in 2013, so I could keep up and not keep members waiting on papers, this change of roles is difficult for me. However, my desire is always to serve the members, and, as the registry continues to grow, and the need to both assist members with questions related to registrations, and to continue to meet the demands for registrations to be processed quickly, stepping into the new position of Office Manager/communications coordinator, will allow me to continue to give the personal attention I, and members, are accustomed to, while still being the liaison for the registrars when needed - keeping a continuity. So, if you have questions, need direction with your minis, regardless of the breed, or need help with registrations, please feel free to continue to contact me at the number you have, 360-953-7040. Crystal Eutsler & Mary Anne Buchanan will take on the task of processing the registrations for the breeds I have handled. They will strive to serve you in the same fashion you have become accustomed to over the years. Thank you for all your support & kind words over the years - and I look forward to working directly with all members in the new year.

~ Jacqui



New Office Phone Numbers

The MDGA offices have new phone numbers!
Please be sure to update these changes in your records.

Jacqui - 360-953-7040
Shelley - 360-953-7056



Timeframe for submitting paper work Effective June 1,

All paperwork with supporting documents, including photos, service memos, bill of sale, etc., and full payment are to be submitted within 7 (seven) days of initiating the registration/transfer etc.

If you have any question as to the required info needed, contact the office for help.

If, after 7 days you have not sent everything required, your data will be put in a suspense folder, and you will be given notice that you have 7 days to complete, or your process will be halted, materials will be returned at member’s cost, and the process will need to be re-initiated, including required fees.

MDGA encourages any member that ‘is in the process’ of sending required follow up photos, documentation, payment, or anything else to complete their requested registration &/or transfer, be submitted to the appropriate staff member by June 1. Timely submission means less  room for error, back tracking and follow up, and more time getting things processed for our members!


Grade Rule Changes
The following is an important change to the previous policy
regarding accepting new grade does to the registry:
From January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020 the
descendants of all standard grade does new to the MDGA grade herdbook will no longer be able to grade up to attain Purebred status; grading up will stop at American status.
Offspring of grade does, from MDGA registrations on file prior
to January 1, 2020, will be exempted from the “American status only” and will be eligible to grade up, provided that there is an unbroken line of registered animals in good standing with MDGA. At the end of the day December 31, 2020, the Registry will close the book to accepting new grade
standard or grade mini does; no further grade animals will be entered into the registry at that point. Existing grades will be held to the official rules under which they were registered.




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